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Sunday, February 14, 2010

As the day draws near it is impossible to block out the reality of the situation. A bittersweet week, goodbye to friends, co-workers, and family. All the things that have once been taking for granted are now gut wrenching final requests. Something as simple as tacos from taco bell can bring tears to ones eyes, for you know its not on the other side.

Going to the movie theater with my mom was the first stop on this week of gorging on western society. We saw The Book of Eli, surprisingly a interesting plot and a strong moral theme of faith. Just what I need, faith, the next few weeks are going to turn out alright.

One of my best buddies had me come over after work to find many of my friends from school celebrating my departure. it was a fun night but nonetheless saddening to let go of so many people that have grown on me in my high school career. After church i spent my afternoon with some of my wrestling buddies at the gym. One of my best friends that I have known since I moved to NC stopped by my house to drop off a few gifts, numerous American candies and movies to keep me busy on the plane. She truly is one of the most thoughtful people for doing so, and I appreciate that my friends care about me so much.

My last day at work was excruciatingly painful. I have come to know the waitstaff as well as the managers well enough to miss them as much as my classmates. I want to thank them for the good times i had while working there, it was truly a fun experience.I hope to be lucky enough to get my position back once i return ( Amiee, don't give my job away to some high school drop out).

My bags are packed and ready to go, I'm leavin on a jet plane.

It feels like the last supper of a teenager that is in over his head for a experience that is way out of my league.


Jenna :) said...

That friend of yours sounds awesome..haha she must be in llove with you ;) anyways i love you and will misss you! cant wait to skype you!!!

Kathleen said...

Dang, quit making me tear up at your pending departure! On a lighter note, Rob can feel your pain about missing Taco Bell - he reaches out lovingly for it every time we drive past, and we're not even going anywhere but back home...! ; )

Anonymous said...

Collin - I am so proud of you. You are the best son a father could ask for. You are going to do wonderful. Have fun, remember you faith and dad gummit experience life. As much as your going to experience another culture, remember, you have so much to offer them as well! I love you....Your proud, tearful and sometimes quirky father.

fullertribe said...

You should have no worries, there are way to many people praying for you.

Also, don't cut yourself short you know better than anyone that you have been given a gift and I know for sure that you will make everything you can out of this gift that has been given to you. You are an AWESOME kid!

Nick Barnas said...

Hey bro i didnt know where to comment so ill just do it here how are you liking china everyone at encore has been asking me about you. When you get a chance skype me i sent you a request on there a few days ago and just let me know how things are going. Hope to hear from you soon. btw its barnas the dumbass that lives across the street from you