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Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I guess my last two posts just kinda gave you a vague look into my life. Most "good" blogs probably give you some kind of background or overview of the writers life, family, personality, etc.. I'm gonna make up for that today for that reader that has no idea who I am.

I live with my mom and my dad. My dad is a very kind and loving guy. Probably one of the most determined people I know as he works all day and deals with the kids all night. Kinda like a Groundhogs day of responsibility, yet he find joy in what he does and it is keenly noticed by all of the household. He gets all of us organized and on the right path while still being kind to all of us kids. My mother is one of the most supportive and down to earth people. She'll tell you like it is. She can see all the problems about something and have all the solutions in her back pocket. While baby's cling to her morning to sunset and the big kids constantly making messes, she keeps her cool (most of the time). I value her opinion as she is very open minded yet steadfast on her values and goals. Its all or nothing for this woman. With a cast iron conscience and a all knowing perception its hard to hide any thing from her. To sum it up, she scares the crap out of me and the kids. But shes still the best mom in the whole world, yee-haa.

Now there are five kids in the family, me, kobi, jack, mina, and finn. I'm the eldest by a good ten years from the next runner up, which is Kobi. Kobi is seven and is the most passive aggressive thing on the face of the planet. She loves crafts and knick nacky things. She has such a kind and serving heart but doesnt like any type of confrontations. Sooo sweet from the minute you meet her, just don't wake her before 8 a.m.

This is Jack. Hes today's latest mystery. How could someone so clueless and numb to any instruction be the smartest kid in the household. This kid just picked up reading as a hobby at the age of 4, taught himself. Very self sufficient and more of a mannly man than I could ever be. Focused and determined, he loves sports of any kind and likes to play the Wiiiiii.

Mina and Finn were adopted from China. Mina is 3 and Finn is 2. Minas been home with us for about a 2 years and Finn about 8 months. If you asked for more contrasting personalities, you wouldn't find 'em. Mina, a thin, scrappy overflow of personality is a bit much for anybody to chew. I say she could win survivor, the t.v. reality show because of her ungodly ability to analyze and manipulate people at the age of 3. Cute as a button, I'm gonna have trouble been the older brother of this one.

Finn is just a little lump of joy. Very quite and is self sufficient. She is like my brother Jack in so many ways. Very cuddly and smart yet the laziest thing around. She'll sit and watch Mina and Kobi pick up her mess on occasion. Shes lazy to the point were if she doesn't feel like talking, she creates her own sign language. Just feed 7 times a day and shes the happiest thing around.

Then theres me. I'm always open to new things and love an adventure. I never try to settle for the norm, and be different in every way imagineable. Its 150% or nothing. That's the problem with me. You will never see my studying for more than ten minutes. Along with that, I consider myself very critical on certain subjects and will not be easily swayed. I try to appease everyone and make every thing work int he best interest for the people I care about.
I participate in my schools student council and wrestling team. I love them and have a strong commitment to both of them. I had to give them both up to accept this scholarship which is heart breaking for me. Yet, I know new doors will open and this experience will benifit me.


Amy said...

Baby, I couldn't be more proud of you! Your the best! Love your mama

fullertribe said...

I can't wait to see more of what's to come. Now you just have to remember to keep it up to date so that your Mama isn't worrying about you!


Kathleen said...

So sad that our favorite sitter is skipping the continent, but so insanely proud of you, I can't stand it! Will be better about staying in touch with your mama, so I can make sure her sanity stays in check while you're gone. AWESOME summary of your family, BTW! I was nodding through the whole thing! What a knack for words you have - and you're HOW old...?!

Ashley said...

slinky! stucco loves you and we miss you already. don't worry we will keep in touch and skype and all of that fun stuff:) you are going to have the opportunity of a lifetime so enjoy it!!!!
<3, ashley!