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Saturday, February 27, 2010

First days

Well I’m finally here. Can’t tell you how many butterflies are in my stomach. When I made it to the airport I felt nothing but excitement.

After a short trip to the High school and the dorms where I will be staying I feel nothing but sick to my stomach.

The dorms are in very bad condition, I would rather stay in a dirty Howard Johnson in the middle of Newark, New Jersey. It may sound crazy but going to the supermarket and collecting cleaning supplies is at the very top if my list.

As my roommate said “all this room needs is a little TLC”.You can’t even begin to understand the spiral of emotions I have now. The excitement of making international friends and learning Chinese, and the regret for leaving your nest with the people that love you.

Internet connection is still in the works right now, I haven’t been able to call my parents yet but I can use email from a provided computer in the dorms commons area. Cant wait to give them a call and hear their voice.

Orientation for my school is today and I will get the basics. Once I get my money exchanged and my communications in tact, I bet I will feel a whole lot better.

This is probably going to be the hardest part, adjusting to Chinese time, culture, and being away from my family is painful. In light of this, my first week will be geared to make me comfortable. I will meet my host family this weekend for the first time, as well as get to know the head teachers of the school during orientation.

I’m thinking about everyone back home and please say a prayer for me to help me get through this slump. Zai jian.


fullertribe said...

More prayers than you know have been said and will continue to be said while you are gone. Hang in there kid you'll do just fine. Enjoy every minute even the not so fun ones!