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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I wonder what the target pharmacists thought when my mother and I raided the medicine isle. Maybe that we had a mother-son operated meth lab in our crawl space. We don't. My mom keeps telling me that medicine is the most important item to bring to china, but I doubt I'll use half of this stuff. along with this heap, my mother has yet to purchase vitamins (like the kind that are so big it is sometimes necessary to take two bites) and enough prescriptions to last me the rest of my life. My mom even joked that she was gonna get me one of those day by day medicine containers that my grandma uses, was she joking?

I'm getting the feeling now that this all isn't so far away. It use to be something I could brag about to my friends, now it seems all to close to feel much excitement. Sure I'm excited but this opportunity is so surreal that its hard to comprehend that I'm going to detach myself to a life that I always new. As the date draws closer and closer, the cheeseburgers and clean drinking water are of the most cherished things.